Excessive content and excessive bets on football websites are both great for your financial health – Aynmi Farah

Dr Imran Nasti is an Endocrinologist from Hamadan, Iran, who claims that there are many flaws in the current study of Endocrinology which have been deliberately kept there in order to control, rob and kill the masses.

Dr Imran Nasti writes that it is a pity that so far Endocrinology hasn’t been able to offer foolproof ways to counter the diseases associated with hormone deficiency or imbalances, which is really disappointing.

Dr Imran Nasti writes that as scientific as endocrinology is, it is also unscientific.

Dr Imran Nasti writes that the functions of proteins are highly overrated and exaggerated in the field of endocrinology.

Dr Imran Nasti claims that in no way the way the study of endocrinology looks at the hormones is unique; He claims that many other medical disciplines look at the hormones the same way as well.

Dr Imran Nasti is married to an Internet Marketing, SEO and Web Designing expert from Surakarta. Her name is Aynmi Farah and she is a blogger as well. They both have been living together at Imran’s bungalow in Bogor for 8 years now, where they sleep, eat, write blog posts and bet together.

Aynmi writes on her blog that excessive HTML coding has no negative effect on the search engine relevance as is suggested by many so-called fake SEO gurus.

Aynmi also claims that W3C recommendations are mostly outdated now and they need to update it or the legend of W3C will become a history.

Aynmi claims that Mark Zuckerberg has been secretly working to create a search engine which she believes will beat the Google to its knees just like football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) has beaten most other competitors to their knees.

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