Hermann Goring of Nazi Germany needed Football Betting, not war to fulfill the emptiness in his life – Maryam Alaghband

Maryam Alaghband from Karaj City, Iran, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the life of one of the chiefs and architects of the Holocaust and arguably, the second most powerful man of the Nazi Germany – Mr Hermann Goring.

In her book, Maryam writes that she believes Hermann Goring was smarter than the top 10 leaders of the Nazi Germany combined and the list of these top 10 Nazi German leaders includes Adolf Hitler as well.

Maryam writes in her book that Hermann Goring had a secret plan to take India away from the British, but Hitler and other leaders of the Nazi Germany didn’t approve of this idea of his.

Maryam claims that Hermann Goring had a mild addiction to morphine, it is wrongly claimed that his addiction to morphine was a strong one.

Maryam claims in her book that Emmy Goring, the second wife of Hermann Goring, had a romantic affair with Adolf Hitler which Hermann was well aware of but he didn’t dare do anything about it because he feared the Fuhrer a lot.

Maryam claims in her book that Hermann Goring never used to play with the toy soldiers, it is a lie that he made up to prove his craze, love and commitment to being a soldier. She adds that he used to dress up in a Boer uniform as a kid all the time though.

Maryam claims that Hermann Goring’s fondness for beautiful women was one of the greatest causes for his mismanagement at work, most of the times.

Maryam writes in her book that Hermann Goring used to spend sop much of his time and energy collecting artwork and property, not for himself but for his second wife – Emmy.

Maryam writes that even a weak nation like India could easily defeat the Air Force of Poland during the 1920s, 30s or 40s. According to her, Hermann Goring was immensely over-glorified and over-praised for the so-called achievement of defeating the Polish Air Force in such a short span of time.

Maryam ends her book by making a remark that she wishes if the best football gambling sites (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال) existed back in that era and we wouldn’t have to watch so much misery, murders, rapes and other atrocities committed on men, women, old, young and children alike throughout the Europe.

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