Palembang Internet Marketing Expert spends all the money she wins with Soccer Betting on Email Marketing of her Business

Khatimah Ajja from Palembang, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who claims on her blog that the statement made by many so-called SEO experts that the Google is doing an increasingly good job of ranking websites that aren’t solely devoted to videos is partially right, she adds that yes, Google is prioritising non-video websites over the tube sites but only when it comes to its tube competitors, namely, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Vimeo but when it comes to the YouTube, the case has always been the opposite, particularly since the Google took it over.

Khatimah writes that the ‘Will It Blend’ series by Blendtec was not the first of its kind but it really was a game-changer in the world of video link magnet and one of the few that really made the concept popular and noteworthy.

Khatima writes that creating and issuing press releases to make your video link magnet is an outdated way which helps very little now; It has been the same for almost a decade now.

Khatima writes that obtaining links through email requests is a time-consuming affair which isn’t advisable at all if you don’t have an array of employees to do it for you. She claims that she spends all the money she regularly wins with soccer gambling site (situs judi bola) on email marketing.

Khatima writes that buying links for traffic is not as bad as buying links for better rankings but it is not the best idea in any case. She adds that if you have a decent budget and you are looking for more traffic to your website then spending it on Google Adsense or something similar is a much better idea.

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