Bangkok Pediatric Doctor is obsessed with talking bonobos and GCLUB

Dr Shayla Ramirez is a pediatric doctor who has been practicing in the city of Bangkok for the past 7 years now. Dr Shayla is a very outspoken pediatric blogger as well and her blog posts are full of interesting material on them.

Dr Shayla says that there is no denying that the ancient Hindus knew very well that the children must not be treated the same way as adults and in some parts of India, they even had separate doctors for treating children but the only thing that they relied upon was to decrease the dosage of the same medicine that they gave to their adults which has been proven to be a harmful pediatric system in the modern day and age.

Dr Shayla doesn’t agree with American Academy of Pediatrics when they recommend that people should be only under pediatric care upto the age of 21. She says that it is only for the people that hit the puberty in their late teens which very rarely happens nowadays.

Dr Shayla is obsessed with the talking bonobos – Kanzi, Panbanisha and their kids. Dr Shayla claims that Panbanisha learning more English words in a much shorter time than her half-brother Kanzi is the proof that even among apes, the women are far better learners than the men.

Dr Shayla claims that it was some other Bonobo whose name is also Kanzi who was shown playing Pacman in the viral Youtube video. Dr Shayla says that she can recognize Kanzi with a glimpse and she bets that it wasn’t him who was playing the game of Pac-Man in that viral video.

Dr Shayla is also obsessed with online betting and her favorite website is GCLUB, where she logs in at least once a day and is perhaps logged in there right now as well.

UPS business owner from Bangkok only lives to get a huge bang for her buck

Elvira Vercetti owns a UPS business in the Bangkok city which she has been successfully running for the past 7 years now. Elvira recently made a trip to India and came back ‘not-too-happy’.

Elvira writes on her personal blog that there is something about the Rapti river that has transformed so many householders into great yogis who meditated around it and drank only the water belonging to it during those days, but she believes that one of the most revered Indian yogis and saints – Gorakhnath is not one of those who got enlightened here.

After completing her tour of India, Elvira has turned into a huge critic of the revered Hindu saint – Gorakhnath. Elvira writes that if the yogis of the Gorakhnath tradition have always been so strong – physically and mentally, and have the so-called exaggerated miraculous powers, then why did they let their main city, which is now called Ahmednagar – a Muslim name, invaded so many times. She writes that they could have finished the invaders with their so-called miraculous powers or fight them till their death, which they clearly did not, which proves another point that they are cowards as well.

Elvira also saw some Hindu mythological TV programs while she was in India and watching and hearing those guys speak the English words and acting so modern, she says that the day is not far when the greatest Hindu gods will be seen wearing Sherwanis, denims, suits and hats.

Elvira says that she went to India to get rid of her greatest addiction, which goes by the name – 안전놀이터 , but came back even a bigger addict due to the boredom she faced there.

Indonesian businessman started drinking beer while betting inspired by Tu Youyou

Budi Siet is a rich Indonesian businessman who owns his own solar farm. Budi is a blogger as well and he really works extensively to campaign for the feminist movement.

When I last spoke to Budi, he told me that he was busy looking for more information on the life of Hannah Myrick, one of the very first female doctors in the United States, who lived to be 102 years old but there is very few information available about. He also told me that he would love to author a book on her life if he could find enough information regarding her.

Budi was gambling online on his most favorite online football gambling (Judi Bola) website while I spoke to him on the phone.

Last week, Budi posted a wonderful article on the life of legendary Chinese pharma chemist and educator – Tu Youyou.

I don’t know whether it was a joke or reality, Budi wrote that Tu Youyou attributes her long life to her love for good old beer and although Budi didn’t like beer before, he is going to drink a can everyday now since he got to learn that it is the secret behind Tu Youyou’s long life and genius.

Budi believes that they should have given the Nobel Prize to Tu Youyou long ago but they didn’t do so because she is a Chinese and they are rational towards the Chinese genius and people.

Budi joked that they wanted to give the Lasker Award and Nobel Prize to Tu Youyou after she dies, but she outlived all that were waiting for her to die.

Budi claims that Tu has attempted several times to become 100% vegetarian but she ends up vomiting the food each time she tries and once even started hating the food and didn’t eat any for 3 days after she tried. Tu says that she would have loved to be a carnivores but she knows that it is bad for health and that’s why she is not one.

They are going to rule the city of Shambala just like they rule casino reelemperor – with utmost care

Elena Putina is a Russian author and blogger who was born, raised and still lives in the city of Sochi.

Elena has been doing a research on the mythological cities for over 2 years now and she says that she is going to complete the book that she has been writing on the same for roughly around the same time. Within these past 2 years, Elena has made several blog posts regarding several mythological cities including Shamballa aka Shangri-La.

Elena knows a bit of languages belonging to the Indian subcontinent and she claims that Maitreya is not the name of the reincarnation of the Buddha but rather it means ‘Half-Blood’ in the Punjabi language which according to her means in the context of the city of Shambala, that the ruler of the city of Shambala will not be Buddha, but rather half-man and half-god.

Elena truly believes that the Kalachakra Tantra is completely right when it says that the world will come to end by 2424 AD and the golden age will begin once again but Elena claims that the golden age will not re-begin on this planet but rather some other planet where the gods will coexist along with the human beings and the creatures that the human beings of today know nothing about.

Elena’s most favorite pastime after writing is betting online and she is one of the most frequent betters at the Russian casino reelemperor.

The most genuine and trustworthy thing about New Zealand is its online casinos, claims a Taupo author

Misha Lee is an author and blogger who recently completed writing a book titled ‘Richard Pearse – The Greatest Lie in the Flight History’.

In her book, Misha writes, the claim that Richard Pearse flew and landed an air machine 9 months before the Wright brothers is a myth created by the envious New Zealand as an answer to the glorious America that was creating one revolutionary invention after another.

Misha writes that when it took Richard Pearse over 4 years to come up with a bicycle with vertical crank gears and self-inflating tyres, how could he manage to invent a flying machine within less than a year. Misha says that there were inventors across the world that were trying to build a flying machine across the world before the Wright brothers but nobody got full success except the Wright brothers and Richard Pearse was one of those as well and they didn’t glorify him in the mainstream media in the year 1903 at all. She writes that it was only after the Wright brothers successfully flew and landed a flying machine that they started claiming that an inventor named Richard Pearse has done it 9 months before.

Misha writes that the biggest proof that Richard Pearse could never invent a flying machine is that he voluntarily moved to the hilly Milton city in Otago region in the year 1911 where flying back in that time was impossible. Misha claims that a 34 year old, passionate young inventor like Richard would rather prefer to move to the place where he can find nothing to eat rather than being somewhere where it is hilly and impossible to fly and land a plane. Misha believes that he was being enforced by the government of New Zealand to claim that he had invented a flying machine and it wasn’t his own personal idea.

Misha believes that the most genuine thing about New Zealand is nzd online casinos and perhaps it is the most genuine thing in the world.

Ho Chi Minh City author claims the only thing that has been keeping her happy is Bitcoin Gambling Sportsbook

Thanh Thi is a blogger from the Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam who looks to be obsessed with the inventor of paper – Cai Lun for the past 6-7 months as a great deal of her posts are dedicated to Cai Lun for the past 6-7 months.

In one of her blog posts, Thanh Thi wrote that anybody who has studiedCai Lun thoroughly will tell you that it is a true story that Cai received the inspiration for making paper from watching paper warps making their nests.

Thanh Thi mentioned in one of her posts that the Emperor He of Han was always envious of Cai Lun and to an extent that he wanted to have him killed. Thanh claims that one of the reasons behind the Emperor He of Han’s envy against Cai was the love, compassion and generosity that each of his consorts showered towards Cai Lun and if Cai wasn’t castrated, there is no doubt that the Emperor He of Han would have him killed. Thanh Thi goes to the extent of saying that many of the Emperor’s consorts were willing to spend their entire lives with the castrated Cai Lun and end their sex lives completely rather than living with someone else.

Thanh Thi says that there is no denying that Cai Lun is one of the greatest inventors in history and the greatest from the Republic of China but she questions “Why the one and only memorial of Cai Lun by the government of China was set up in the year 2001 which is 1880 years after his death? Couldn’t they build it earlier?” Thanh Thi recently made a trip to the Cai Lun Memorial Park in the city center of Leiyang, Hunan Province. Thanh Thi is really disappointed that the Cai Lun Memorial Park is not upto the standards that she expected and she is angry with the people of Hunan Province as she feels that they really discriminate the eunuchs and castrated great people belonging to their own culture and society.

The only thing that has been keeping Thanh Thi happy nowadays is Bitcoin Gambling Sportsbook. With the help of which, she recently scored a great deal of money with lottery.

Doctor is a gambler is a religion lover is a blogger

Dr Selvi Cimen is a General Practitioner and blogger from the city of Makassar in Indonesia.

On her blog, Dr Selvi says that the joint and muscle problems among the married athletics seems to be higher than their non-married counterparts. She says that among women, it is surprisingly as high among the ones who never conceived before as it is among the ones who did once or more. Dr Selvi believes that it either has to do with regular sex or stress.

Dr Selvi writes that there was a time when most of the young patients used to be extremely patient, polite and cool and the case was the opposite for their elder counterparts but now it has all gone the opposite direction.

Dr Selvi has always been obsessed with the religions and their characters and one of the top in her list has always been Jesus Christ. Dr Selvi claims that there is no way that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit. She says that he was most likely the son of a Roman soldier and Miriam. She claims that the story of Jesus is a perfect example how far your belief about yourself can take you. Dr Selvi says the belief that he was the son of the god really made him believe that he was the one and made him act like one indeed. Dr Selvi says that Jesus’ celibacy without any struggle is nothing less than a miracle as she has seen several men and women personally who try so hard to give up all sorts of sexual activities but only fail but for Jesus it was nothing. Dr Selvi further adds that if he was really the son of that Roman soldier and Miriam than the claim by the doctors that the babies belonging to two distinct breeds turn out to be better is proven true again.

Dr Selvi has been an ardent lover of gambling, casino and betting since her college days and although she doesn’t find the time to gamble, bet or visit real life casinos anymore, she is very regular on the Sbobet gambling scene and perhaps knows the names of all trusted Sbobet gambling agents (Agen Sbobet Terpercaya).

Author, blogger and bookstore owner from Palembang city loves betting online

Raif Akbay is an author and blogger who recently out of his love for the books recently inaugurated a bookstore in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Palembang city.

Raif claims to know about one bookstore chain that was run by MGTOW in the Istanbul city. Raif says that all the books in his library were misogynistic from the very start and that’s the reason why his bookstore’s life also was very short. Raif says that most of the customers at any bookstore are generally women and little did this MGTOW bookstore owner from Istanbul know about it until his bookstore finally had to be shut down.

Raif claims that the recent growing contradictions among the historians have made the history books decline in popularity at a greater pace than ever before. Raif claims that the history book industry is in quiet desperation and it seems like it will never be able to stand back again.

Raif says that it is funny how the male customers of bookstores nowadays are too much concerned for greetings especially if the staff of the bookstore is an attractive female. Raif says that he doesn’t understand how do these guys find so much time to think about whether they were greeted or not. Raif says that only about 6-7 years ago, nobody in a bookstore would greet you if you weren’t a regular customer or the bookstore staff wasn’t familiar with you already or you didn’t come for a special purpose.

Raif bets each weekends on trusted pokerqq websites which he keeps promoting regularly for free on his blog as well.

Modern doctors aren’t interested in spirituality but rather the height of materialism – betting

Dr Elanur Izzet is a General Practitioner from the city of Manado in Indonesia who recently completed writing a book on his all-time greatest hero – Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi.

Dr Elanur Izzet has already revealed some of the excerpts of his book on his blog. Dr Elanur in his book writes that it is a false notion that Ali Ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari – the master of Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi was the first converted Muslim in his family but rather he was the third generation. Dr Elanur Izzet claims that Ali Ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari’s grandfather was the first Muslim convert in the entire family and he was extremely proud of the same.

Dr Elanur Izzet says that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi is one of the greatest proofs of how big of an imprint the Greeks left on the Persians left on them thousands of years ago that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi was mostly influenced by the Greek medicinal system rather than the Persian, Arabic or Indian.

Dr Elanur says that it is interesting how alchemy and physics used to go together back until about 300 years ago. Dr Elanur writes that with the recent findings and discoveries, if someone tries hard enough with alchemy, the results can be extraordinary. Dr Elanur says that he would himself love to experiment with alchemy if he didn’t fear for his life.

Dr Elanur says that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi and his master are the proof that the spirituality and material life can go hand-in-hand. He says that it is ridiculous to see that the modern doctors are not interested in spirituality at all although they are extremely interested in material things like Bandar Judi Online.

Mortar and Pestle seller’s home is a popular hub for betting on QQ online

Calvin Levels has been selling on Amazon for the past 8 years now and he is perhaps responsible for selling the largest number of Mortar and Pestle sets on Amazon and now he is heading towards eBay as well.

Calvin is a blogger as well and he writes posts about almost every topic there, ranging from business and entertainment to politics and health.

Calvin says that having a beautiful, functional and well-optimized website has become an integral part for a business in any of the first world countries.

Calvin claims that his house has become more popular than his entire neighborhood as they all gather there to bet on QQ online.

Calvin claims to have been working on building car indicators that will blow up the entire half side of a mirror from the exterior but that light won’t be visible to the passengers or the drivers, in other words, that light won’t be visible to the people sitting inside the vehicle.

Calvin has always been a Pro-Israeli Zionist who believes and claims that god didn’t punish the Jews but rather allowed them to become smarter to only come back stronger than ever. Calvin says that just like the nature is neutral, god’s laws for its people are neutral, the more you suffer involuntarily, the smarter and better you become.

Calvin claims that none of the Scottish industries, be it iron or steel, ship building or machinery manufacturing is what it once used to be.

Calvin claims that Toyota named its pick-up truck – Tundra specifically to impress the Finns and to increase their market share in Finland but it is ridiculous how it sells in such low quantities there.

SEO and Technology Freak makes thousands of dollars with AgenQQ

Alexander Huttunen is a SEO and technology freak who claims to make thousands of dollars a month with the combination of SEO, technology and AgenQQ.

On his blog, Alexander claims to have the secret information that Yahoo! Inc wants to get into making video games. Alexander claims that Yahoo’s ideal is Rockstar Games and they want to have a monopoly in the field of RPG games. Alexander claims that the Yahoo! Inc will make its debut with a game styled like Grand Theft Auto.

Alexander personally believes that multiplayer games like PUBG are the future of the video game industry and sooner the Yahoo! Inc learns it, the better it is for them and they won’t be able to survive otherwise.

Alexander says that with the arrest of Julian Assange, things only seem to get better in the long run for the Wikipedia and he claims that the arrest of Julian Assange was just a drama targeted at making people believe more in the fake Wikipedia that regularly publishes conspiring articles in favor of the New World Order.

Alexander says that it is a pity to see that they haven’t been emphasizing much on using solar energy for running the vehicles except Velomobiles, but then again, it is a pity to see that they aren’t focusing much on reducing the prices of Velomobiles and making it a mainstream vehicle.

Alexander says that one of the tech fields that we can expect one of the greatest revolutions within is the propulsion systems. Alexander says that scientists are working on creating propulsion systems that the common man hasn’t ever imagined about.

SEO expert from East Jakarta won 800 USD in the first week of this month with MyBestPoker

Tariq Naik is a SEO expert from the city of East Jakarta whose blog is more popular than his SEO services.

On his blog, Tariq advises that one must not trust SEO agencies with names like Kickass Marketing, etc. Tariq claims to know about several of such agencies and their founders and he says that only he knows how unprofessional these guys are. Tariq says that although there are very few of such agencies in Indonesia, they are plenty in Thailand, India and Vietnam.

Tariq claims to know several SEO agency founders who used to be travel agents before finding their own SEO agencies. Tariq claims that these travel agents turned fake SEO experts don’t know anything about the SEO and outsource all of the business to other SEO agencies and charge you as much as 25 times of what it costs to themselves. Tariq says that they get their own website(s) created and optimized by other SEO agencies and they tell you that they guarantee you top rankings on Google, which is funny and ridiculous at the very same time.

Tariq claims that with extreme competition in the SEO and website creation field, starting and owning a SEO firm in a major city is not a prudent or shrewd decision anymore. Tariq adds that these big city customers are even smarter than their small town or village counterparts and hence if you are willing to offer the big city residents or offices your services, then be ready for a challenge, they want the value of each and every penny that they spend on your services.

Tariq doesn’t hesitate to admit that he is an online casino and gambling freak and brags that most of the times he comes up as a winner while gambling. Tariq wrote about how he won 800 USD in the first week of July this year with my bestpoker.

Taruhan freak once won 10k with the same within one night

Ketut Salim is an author, conspiracy theorist and blogger who recently wrote this book which was full of the American-Jewish comedian Jackie Mason’s mentions.

Ketut mentioned that the middle finger incident that happened on Ed Sullivan’s show with Jackie Mason in the year 1964 was a pure publicity stunt and nothing else. Ketut further added that it was a pre-planned staged act.

Ketut has also mentioned that Jackie Mason being a democrat was another scripted drama by Jackie Mason. Ketut claims that the democrats paid Jackie Mason to join their political party because at that time Jackie was rising up as one of the greatest Zionist philosophers and thinkers and that’s what the democrats were after. Ketut says that in order to change their image of Anti-Zionist Pro-Palestine political party, the democrats paid Jackie Mason to join their party which Jackie did but he kept on raising his demands taking advantage of their neediness and finally the democrats gave up on them and Jackie went back to his old home – The Republican Party. Jackie was one of the most outspoken Pro-Trump person before the 2016 elections. He even created a vlog series promoting Trump all the time.

Ketut’s book may look like something Anti-Zionism or Pro-Palestine or something similar but it is none of that.

Ketut has also mentioned about his online gambling addiction in his book and how he once won 10, 000 USD within one night with Taruhan bola Online.

Ketut loves the late legendary totalitarian author Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell for several things and has mentioned him at several places in this book of him as well. Ketut wrote that although the Karen ethnic group of people accepted and liked Orwell more than the Indians or Sri Lankans, he still felt like a foreigner to them and vice versa.

Child psychologist from Tangerang cannot forget the dad of a patient who got rich off mwpoker

Freya Jenkins is a child psychologist who has been practicing in the city of Tangerang for the past 19 years. Dr Freya says that the kids should be encouraged to watch sports on the television but not the sports that can make them become lazy with time and they do make kids lazy over time and the list of such sports games includes – cricket, golf, etc. Freya says that the kids should rather only be encouraged to watch sports like football, basketball, rugby, etc.

Freya says that although the studies show that there is no correlation between the ADHD and intelligence but the foods that reduce IQ level but increase focus tend to improve ADHD for both kids and adults.

Freya further says that first it was the video games, now it is the internet that is creating an addiction epidemic for the kids. Freya says that the kids nowadays aren’t as interested in the sports as their previous generations were.

Freya wants to create an entire television network dedicated to the kids with over 100 channels but she says that she doesn’t have the budget and haven’t got time either to look for the investors but she will still try her hardest to create one in the future and before anyone else does so, she adds.

Freya says that the parents must try as far as they can to provide their child with natural healthy diet instead of the supplements. Freya says that the supplements are a recent phenomena and there aren’t much studies available on the long-term effects of the same, especially vitamin D supplements.

Freya cannot forget one dad who brought his son for the treatment to Dr Freya and she told him that he will need to provide him the best of the best and his treatment will cost a lot. The father prayed to the god and the god came to him in his dreams and told him that if he bets on mwpoker on that one particular given date, he will win enough money to take care of his son for one complete year, the father did the same and it proved that it was god that indeed came to him in his dream.

They don’t speak Indonesian but they still know several different Agen Judi Bola

Lisa Dixon owns a very popular English language school in the city of East Jakarta which she founded back in the year 2005 when there weren’t so many English language teaching schools in East Jakarta. Lisa’s school was unique in its own way as it was the only school that had teachers from nowhere else but England. Now when there are so many other schools in East Jakarta that claim to have teachers from the United Kingdom, Lisa claims that these schools have teachers from Scotland or Ireland and not from the England and that’s what makes Lisa’s school still the only one having teachers from England.

Lisa believes that language learners need to be provided challenging goals but only if they come without making them feel treated with hostility or inferiority.

Lisa’s school has divided what they consider to be the most important three in a sequence at their school. Lisa believes that most important is the joy of learning, second most important is personalization and third most important is professionalism.

Lisa has also been working for the social improvement of Indonesia. Lisa says that in Indonesia, just like in most of the third and second world countries, it is not a common practice for the couple to cohabit before the act of marriage and the people belonging to these countries are very proud of this fact to the extent that they claim that they have an edge over their first world country countries just for the sake of it.

Lisa says that many lawyers from India are pursuing education in journalism after seeing several new politicians in the country making it owing to their mixture of journo-law background. Lisa says that these lawyers don’t have fluency or command in the English language and they are ashamed to learn the same in their home country and that’s the reason why a growing number of these has been coming to East Jakarta at Lisa’s school to pursue an English speaking course. Lisa says that what’s even more surprising is that, even though they don’t speak Indonesian language, they already know about several trusted Agen Judi Bola.

Bangkok Hospital Rheumatologist is a true patriot and baccarat lover

Dr Jake Bonde is a Rheumatologist who has been practicing in the Bangkok Hospital in the Bangkok city of Thailand for almost past 10 years now. Dr Jake is an extrovert person and to vent out some of the interesting ideas about the Rheumatology field, its future and related things, he maintains a blog where he posts 2-3 times a week.

Dr Jake Bonde claims that 80% of the patients that come to him come for the treatment of Arthritis or Osteoporosis, 10% come for the treatment of Fibromyalgia and the rest 10% for other issues.

Dr Jake has won numerous awards for research in the field of Rheumatology and himself and his family are proud of the same.

Dr Jake says that it is too tough for a new rheumatologist to earn a lavish living as no patient wants to compromise when the matter is of their bones; They all want a Rheumatologist with experience. Dr Jake says that the best advice for a new Rheumatologist is to practice in a village or remote area or score a slot in a hospital. Dr Jake says that he was advised by his uncle who is a general practitioner that he will do great as a young rheumatologist if he can score a slot in a hospital otherwise his future is skeptical; Dr Jake listened to his GP uncle and did as he said only to kiss his uncle on the forehead later as an expression of gratitude.

Dr Jake is a real patriot, when they were all looking for a chance to go to the US or Western Europe to practice, Dr Jake rejected all the invitations to go and practice in the Malta, Canada, USA and Italy.

Dr Jake is a Baccarat (บาคาร่า) freak and the only thing that he loves more than the bones is nothing but a good game of Baccarat which I doubt he is playing right now as well.

Polyglot psychologist from Incheon city overemphasizes on the treatment of Schizophrenia and claims online gambling can be a potential cure to chronic medical depression

Adalene Noh is a South Korean polyglot psychologist based in the city of Incheon who has been practicing there for the past 15 years.

Adalene is a very outspoken psychologist and she doesn’t hesitate to make interesting claims about the field of psychology which sometimes go against everything that is normally believed and perceived to be true.

Adalene is even outspoken about her addiction to online gambling – 먹튀검증 and she doesn’t care what her patients or others think about this addiction of hers. Adalene also claims that winning bets online has put several chronic medical depression patients out of the disease.

Adalene has studied the mental health of several dead popular politicians, actors and others thoroughly and while she claims that many of the ones whom she studied suffered with mental illnesses that weren’t known of during that time, some politicians like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini didn’t suffer with any mental illnesses at all but they are wrongly portrayed as mentally ill as a part of conspiracy. Adalene destroys all the claims made against her of being a Neo-Nazi by first ridiculing the claimer that she is not a White and she hates the Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Adolf Hitler, all his sympathizers, White supremacists and others with all her heart.

Adalene doesn’t deny the scam that is going in the psychological study of science. Adalene is extremely bold and honest as she accepts that many of the modern psychological illnesses are a myth and a way of extorting regular money out of the common men and women. But Adalene overemphasizes on the treatment of mental illnesses like Schizophrenia, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Adalene says that none of these mental illnesses should be ignored at all as the ignorance in terms of these mental illnesses may cost the society and the patient a lot and it always has in the past and still does in the present even though there is a lot of awareness against these mental illnesses nowadays.

Eye doctor husband and wife love Toto sites

Bruce Quan owns a very popular eye care center in one of the topmost neighborhoods of his city. Bruce is extremely outspoken about his field of work and he maintains a couple of blogs as a part of the same.

Bruce says that there is a widespread notion that transparent contact lenses do not come with any side effects which their colored counterparts do come with but according to Bruce it is far from being true. Bruce says that it is completely false and all contact lenses whether colored or transparent are required by the law to be check by your eye doctor.

Bruce has been thinking of having his own glasses and contact lens brand for too long but has been delaying on his ambition on the same because he wants his contact lenses to come with no side effects or discomfort at all which he has been working on without any success for years now.

Bruce’s wife who is also an eye doctor has been working on inventing non-blurring dilating drops for eyes which she claims will really be ‘non’blurring’ in the term’s truest sense. Bruce’s wife claims that all the dilating drops that come with ‘non-blurring’ claims in the market aren’t really non-blurring and cause several car accidents and other negative incidents each year.

Bruce believes that there is very less work done in the field of cataract and that’s the reason why he has been working on developing innovative non-surgical methods to take care of the cataract diseases.

Bruce and his wife have a few other things in common that they both love their children and they both are very frequent to different Toto sites (토토사이트)

Balikpapan’s most popular SEO agency owner is a conspiracy theorist and gambling addict

Rachani Khay is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular SEO companies in the city of Balikpapan in Indonesia.

Rachani has a very popular blog on the official website of her SEO company where she makes a post every Friday. Rachani claims that we are going to see a completely new face of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing by the end of the financial year 2022.

Rachani says that going viral has gone far beyond the social media websites nowadays and there are at least over 100 methods to go viral nowadays and about half of them are simpler, easier and faster than going viral through social media websites.

Rachani claims that content marketing is still large but not as much as it once used to be.

Rachani’s blog is not limited to the posts related to SEO or internet marketing only. Rachani is a conspiracy theorist as well and she doesn’t like her theories to be referred to as conspiracies. Rachani claims that the CIA has been thinking of starting its own version of Bitcoins after seeing the success of Bitcoins. Rachani claims that the CIA will never reveal that it is behind the Cryptocurrency that it is going to launch. Rachani also claims that after seeing the success of CIA with its upcoming currency – Mossad, MI6 and KGB will also launch their own secret Cryptocurrencies. Rachani starts sounding like Nostradamus when she says that some of these Cryptocurrency founders will get way too excited someday and will reveal by themselves that these secret agencies are behind those Cryptocurrencies.

Rachani also doesn’t hesitate to talk about her online gambling addiction on her blog and she brags that she knows almost each and every reliable football gambling agent (Agen Bola) that is out there.

One of Chiang Rai’s largest cafe owners introduced her BF to sbo888 and now he doesn’t have enough time for her

Kannika Range owns and runs one of the most popular cafes in the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand. Kannika has a very popular blog dedicated to her cafe and the coffee industry where she posts at least once every 2-3 days.

Kannika believes that it is extremely harmful for the vegans to have coffee regularly and that’s the reason why she is so much against the vegan cafes.

Kannika’s cafes receive a lot more footfalls on the weekdays than they do the weekends and Kannika is appreciable of the same as she believes that coffee provides you intensity and more footfalls on the weekdays than on the weekends prove that more people want to be more intense for their work than for the play.

Kannika claims that there are going to be more round the clock cafes in the near future than the 11 AM to 11 PM ones.

Kannika also believes that having pastries along with coffee is extremely bad for your health but she still cannot help but serve the same for the sake of money and business.

Kannika believes that soon enough the classic coffee drinks will disappear altogether and only the uniquely flavored innovative coffee drinks will remain.

Kannika claims that industrial atmosphere is suicide for a coffee shop in the modern times and that’s why she avoids the same at all her coffee shops.

Kannika loves to tell her personal tales as well on her blog. She recently wrote about an incident when her boyfriend asked her to make the drive memorable once when they were both traveling together in Kannika’s car and Kannika broke the car into a pole.

Kannika is also the one who introduced her boyfriend to sbo888 and now he is always busy betting on the same, so much so that he doesn’t have enough time for Kannika anymore.

Chiang Rai SEO Agency owner is addicted to betting and he doesn’t regret it at all

Makok Changmor owns a SEO agency in one of the most expensive commercial areas of the Chiang Rai city of Thailand. Makok uses blogging as the biggest method to popularize his company. Makok has tons of interesting and controversial posts on his blog like Makok claims that many of the ‘fake virus’ cloaking series was a part of the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un’s conspiracy to weaken the world and the internet users. Makok claims that Kim Jong-Un used to be highly schizophrenic with a touch of megalomania back in his younger years and he believed that he could take over the world easily with some smart tricks and the cosmos was with him.

Makok claims that he has many friends working as full-time engineers at Google Inc and Google is notorious not only for confusing its searchers, optimizers and competitors but it is also notorious for confusing its engineers as well.

Makok says that uploading and embedding videos on his website played a negative role in the promotion of his SEO business instead of the positive one. Makok says that his gut feeling always told him not to post any video on his official website but he did so on the recommendation of his friends only to regret it later on.

Makok claims that the Google has been giving more importance to the websites that are more on-page optimized than off-page optimized in a more organized way than ever before. Makok further says that the same goes for the blogs.

Makok openly confesses last Monday on his blog that he has been addicted to betting on บอลสเต็ป for a while and it seems like he will keep betting on the same till the last day of his life.

Taxi cab service owner from Changwon loves South Korea for Toto and Manual Transmission Cars

Adrian Do is the owner of a small local taxi cab service in the city of Changwon, South Korea. Adrian says that he wants to create a revolution in the taxi cab industry of South Korea with the ideas that keep popping up on his mind.

Adrian has nothing to do with the tech industry and he openly says that he is not even a child when it comes to the technology but he likes to make comments on the same from time-to-time, like recently he made a post on his taxi cab service’s official website’s blog that he used to believe that Larry Page and Sergey Brinn are two extremely intelligent businessmen until they gave up on the Orkut.

Adrian’s blog is full of fun posts. Like Adrian once mentioned that off-roading is no fun at all when it is safe as well. Adrian believes that there is no such thing as the right mix of difficulty, fun and safety when it comes to something like off-roading.

Adrian’s grandfather was a National Rally Champion and now at the age of 80, he still does marvelous off-roading.

Adrian says that with almost no manual transmission cars available in the developed nations, creating a manual transmission car with a feelsome steering as well is a great opportunity to earn Bill Gates money. Adrian says that two things that makes him love South Korea are 먹튀검증 and manual transmission cars.

Adrian believes that Fiat could be the largest and biggest hatchback car seller if they focused more on creating reliable cars rather than weird looking cars. Adrian says that he feels that Fiat creates the best small diesel engines and the diesel engines of Fiat are highly underrated due to their past deeds. Adrian says that nobody is willing to buy a Suzuki car with a diesel engine just because it has a Fiat diesel engine in it. Adrian says that no matter how much Fiat tries to convince its buyers anymore, they are going to hate it for their past bad experience.

Baccarat lover went to India as a tourist, came back as a conspiracy theorist

Chailail Aydin recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent where she noticed things she never saw before in Thailand. One thing that Chailail found common in Thailand and India is that they play a lot of Baccarat (บาคาร่า) in both the countries. Chailail says that it was Diwali season when she arrived in India and that may be the reason why almost everyone she met was involved in playing Baccarat.

Chailail claims that the largest race and religion of India that is martial is the Sikhism and they have the fighting/warring spirit ingrained within them so much that even many of their royal members have been a part of the Indian military. Chailail doesn’t deny the fact that the Hindu Rajputs also constitute a great part of the Indian military and many of their royal members as well have been a part of the Indian military but it is nothing compared to the Sikhs. Chailail says that since the Hindus killed thousands of Sikhs back in the year 1984, the Sikhs have been asking for separation and the nation of Pakistan along with the CIA, KGB, Mossad and MI6 has been backing them. Chailail really believes that Khalistan (the land of the Sikhs) will be a separate nation within this second term of the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi who is also known as Teaboy all across the world and that will result in an abrupt end to this government of India which recently won elections by a huge margin due to the hacked EVM. Chailail really believes that it is the Mossad, MI6 and CIA that has been running the nation of India indirectly since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India for the first time and Chailail also claims that the Indian media and APCO are puppets of CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

Medical products manufacturer claims Clubfaust has saved thousands of lives

Nissim Eriksen recently inaugurated her dream business – a wheelchair manufacturing unit. Nissim has already started working hard on the promotion of the business, last week she organized a wheelchair sports tournament in her hometown Odense.

Nissim says that her ultimate aim is to create a company that manufactures almost all the medical products and she believes that she can achieve the same if she finds the right life partner for herself.

Being from the medical field, Nissim believes that winning bets or lotteries regularly can help the heart patients greatly. Nissim likes to give example of her cousin’s grandfather who was very prone to getting heart attacks and pains but never ever suffered again from the heart pain or attack after he won tons of money with

Nissim is a sort of political analyst and conspiracy theorist in her own way. She runs a blog where she keeps posting controversial posts all the time. Nissim claims that they are capable of creating nuclear weapons on their own in Thailand. Nissim claims that the government of Thailand, its diplomacy and others have been making sure that their nuclear invention capability remains a secret until they create at least 100 nuclear weapons on their own that can reach their potential enemies. Nissim claims that the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un offered Thailand help as his secret informants living in Thailand made him aware of Thailand’s nuclear ambitions and plans but Thailand rejected and refused the offer claiming that they have no such intention and those secret informants are most likely dead by now as Kim Jong-Un must have thought that they are incapable and were giving him wrong information.

He makes high pressure jet washers, loves big engine motorcycles and good old Tangkas

Bernard Delafontaine owns a company that manufactures and sells high pressure jet washers. Bernard is a motorcycle enthusiast and blogger himself.

Bernard believes that Ducati and Aprilia are the most underrated motorcycles of the current times. Bernard believes that the reason behind the same is that there is a notion among the bikers that Italian bikes are extremely expensive to maintain and are unreliable and undurable as well. Bernard claims that the reliability, durability and cheaper maintenance costs of the Japanese motorcycles, especially those of the Honda and Suzuki are highly overrated. Bernard says that he will prefer the Italian handling, ride and quality over the overrated and over-exaggerated Japanese reliability, durability. Bernard really walks the talk and he loves his Ducati Panigale V4. Bernard also owns 2 Indian Roadmaster motorcycles as well.

Bernard wonders all the time why Mercedes doesn’t start creating motorcycles.

Bernard has studied the motorcycle industry of Indian subcontinent very well. He believes that the Indian motorcycle companies Bajaj and TVS should make an international debut. Bernard believes that the Bajaj and TVS are capable of giving the Japanese bikes a run for their money.

Bernard is really impressed by the Indian motorcycle company – Bajaj. He really applauds the company as they started off as a company that manufactured cheap scooters but now their motorcycles have been giving a tough time to the Japanese motorcycle makers Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda a tough time in the domestic market.

Apart from the motorcycles, Bernard loves agen tangkas online and his girlfriends.

Bernard is the son of a retired sergeant and and Bernard used to write speeches for NATO in the younger days.

Music Composer is addicted to blogging and gambling

Karolina Yamamoto is a musician who makes tens of thousands of dollars with just posting copyright free music videos on Youtube. Along with being a Youtuber, Karolina is a blogger as well. Karolina writes about almost everything that she come across on her blog. Karolina is notorious for writing conspiracy theories as well.

Karolina claims that one of the Kazakh generals under Kazakhstan’s famous emperor – Esim Sultan was HIV positive and this is the proof that HIV disease is far older than the modern medical doctors claim and its origin is not the African continent for certain.

Karolina once met an Indian Muslim who told her that the British took away all the real marbles that Taj Mahal is made up of and that’s the reason why the Indian subcontinent is poor since then. Karolina asked him “Why did you guys let them take away the precious marbles?” and “Do you think that only taking away marbles made them rich and kept you poor?”

Karolina claims that every major religion of the world except Islam and Judaism gives extreme and pious importance to the water. Karolina believes that the reason why they don’t give water the utmost importance it deserves is because both the religions were founded in the desert dominated areas and they don’t believe water to be anything pious.

Karolina claims that the director of the movie – Godfather (1972) wanted to cast her father as Moe Greene but her father refused. I have personally seen Karolina’s father and he is an exceptionally handsome and charming man.

Karolina is an online gambling addict just like myself and she is the one who introduced me to 4d singapore hari ini.

Successful Insurance Company owner loves animals so much that she gambles on animal themed websites only

Sheryl Tracy owns an Insurance Company in Brooklyn, New York that provides Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance and Life Insurance.

Being a Founder-Chairperson-CEO, all at once of a successful insurance agency, Sheryl has a lot of advice to give to the insurance companies and insurance buyers on her blog. Sheryl says that ‘Renters Insurance’ is the biggest blunder in the history of the insurances and that’s the reason why she never touched it herself and she recommends that other insurance companies and independent agents also don’t.

Sheryl claims that RV/Camper Insurances are making the insurance companies go bankrupt and that is a reason more than sufficient to stay away from those.

To the auto insurance buyers, Sheryl says that always try to find the cheapest possible insurance as the upsells don’t serve much of a purpose in the auto insurance world.

Sheryl started out on her insurance journey independently but today she has more than 50 employees working for her. Sheryl is a real motivated high achiever woman who attributes her remarkable success to always aiming for the innovation.

Sheryl’s company is a completely privately owned one – no investor, no shareholder, no lender. Yes, she borrowed some money from the family but returned it all back within a few months.

Sheryl has only one major office building at the moment but she is very much willing to multiply the number of offices owned by her.

Sheryl loves to read and do research on the animal kingdom and she claims that the Giant Indian Squirrel is the result of sexual relationship between cat and squirrel. Sheryl also chooses to bet on animal related websites, like cockfighting (sabung ayam).

CCTV Manufacturer gambles using credit money

Zainab Hashmi owns a company that is involved in manufacturing, selling and exporting CCTV cameras. Zainab is a very passionate woman and other than her business, her passions including online credit gambling (Judi online pulsa), cars, tourism and politics.

Zainab started out her career as a Senior Consultant for Program Management at a Government Department.

Zainab is not ashamed to admit that she is very active on Tinder as well. Zainab claims that all Vastu and Feng Shui consultants are scammers, she claims to have seen several of those on Tinder. Zainab says that there is nothing wrong with being on Tinder but most of these Vastu and Feng Shui consultants advocate chastity and celibacy.

Zainab is extremely passionate for auto industry. Zainab claims that BMW has been trying to be Mercedes and that’s what is going to make it sell less in the future than ever before in the industry. Zainab says that there is no doubt that no matter what, BMW is going to be more fun to drive than a Mercedes any day. Zainab says that a BMW in normal mode is greater than a Mercedes in sports mode.

Zainab believes that an average car buyer has gone a lot smarter than ever before and the biggest proof of the same is that although Fiat pays the highest amount of money to the car magazines, Auto Youtubers, TV channels but still customers are not willing to buy one.

Zainab believes that Tata Motors of India has always been highly inspired by Ford and since Tata bought off JLR from Ford, their inspiration grew even stronger.

Zainab is not an antisemite but she accuses the Zionists for destroying the concept of religion and most religious societies around the world.

Esma Masood would rather bet all her hard-earned money on QQ288 than buying an unreliable Fiat

Esma Masood’s family has been involved in the packing industry for over 3 generations. Currently, the family owns a major factory that manufactures courier bags, bubble envelopes, craft paper bubble mailers, corrugated boxes and more.

Even though Esma owns a major share in the family business and receives thousands of dollars monthly from that, she still works as Executive Assistant for AWS Security at eBay. By now you must know that Esma is a lady with huge self-esteem and self-respect.

Along with having huge self-esteem and self-respect, Esma also has a huge passion for cars and she can often be found commenting on automobiles, automobile industry – its past, present or future.

Esma says that the consumer is now so tired of the crossovers and SUVs and we need something in between these two.

Esma remembers the entire 2000s when almost all the auto magazines were full of compliments for the Honda cars. Esma says that now it is the opposite, she wonders what has happened. Esma says that it is not that the quality of Honda has fallen down a lot to be honest, Esma admits that Honda hasn’t been able to keep up with the rising interior quality of the rivals but she also says that its incredible iVtec engine covers up for that all.

Esma believes that the automobile consumer wasn’t this smart ever before. Esma claims that the Fiat Motors tried its best to create a market for itself all across the globe by creating fake Fiat fan clubs and by paying the auto magazines, Youtubers and others huge sums of money to promote the Fiat but Esma is happy that the consumer of today is not stupid enough to fall into the trap of the Fiat.

Esma says that she would rather spend all her money betting on a reliable and honest website for qq228 than spending it all on a Fiat and wouldn’t even regret a bit even if she loses it all.

Senior Sales Consultant at a Real Estate Company loves Football Gambling

Bilge Pangestu is a senior sales consultant at a real estate development company. Bilge studied science at school and his favorite subject was chemistry. Bilge loves to give chemistry related analogies, for example he says that like chemical compounds, Vladimir Putin has sharp melting points (becomes happy soon after getting angry) and boiling points (gets angry too easily).

Bilge believes that formal education has been losing its significance day-by-day and the greatest proof of the same is less and less percentage of young people graduating from college each year. Bilge really hopes that the percentage gets even lesser in the coming years as he is himself against the formal education very much.

Bilge has been to India several times only to hate it more each time. On one trip, Bilge came across aghori sadhus that sold dead human bodies for a huge sum of money on another he came across naga babas that forced women to worship their penises with the warning that their spouses would go impotent if they don’t.

Once Bilge attempted to learn black magic while he was there in India and he says that although he didn’t learn any black magic, he was recommended to eat black colored fruits on the Saturday nights which really gave him some intuitive capabilities but it also brought about some neurological side-effects.

Bilge claims that the joint family system of India is highly responsible for its poverty and backwardness.

Bilge also once traveled to Uzbekistan only to discover uncountable fake news TV channels and newspapers that baited trained female journalists and reporters by the promise to give them a job in the news field only to sell them to the pimps later on.

Bilge cannot thank his football gambling agent (Agen Bola) enough for providing him a relief from all the miseries of the world and letting him escape to heaven for a while.

Millionaire Industrialist told the Indians that he is just a regular better at Sabung Ayam

Doug Cortez is a millionaire industrialist who owns two factories currently, one is involved in manufacturing electric motors and pumps and the other one is involved in manufacturing electric geysers and ceiling fans.

Doug recently made a trip to India where he noticed several things about the nation. Doug believes that the right-wing saffron organizations have been telling lies to the common people. Doug claims that India was never as rich in the ancient or medieval times. Doug says that India has to be the poorest nation on earth as the people there with big bellies are considered elegant instead of unhealthy. Doug says that all the Indians with big bellies that he met get more compliments than warnings.

Doug says that most Indians believe in different superstitions and these superstitions are different in different regions, like in North India they believe that eating meat on Tuesdays will make you first starve and then die but in South India they believe that a mellow pus on the left side of the body is a symbol of upcoming life threat.

Doug also conducted a survey while in India. All the participants were females and the survey was about which Hollywood actor do they find the most attractive. Doug was surprised to know that the younger women found Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame the most attractive but the older ones found Brad Pitt to be the most attractive one.

What Doug found to be the most annoying thing about the Indians is that the first thing that they ask you when they meet you for the first time after you are done telling them your name is “Where do you work and what’s your designation there?” Doug answered one and only thing to all those that asked him the same – “I am just a regular better at sabung ayam.”

1980s lover brags that her Scottsdale mansion was paid for by Arizona lottery

Elvira Silva cannot stop missing 1980s all the time. She says that they don’t have quick weekend getaways like they used to back then.

Elvira owns three different e-commerce stores – one for clothing, one for furniture and one for groceries.

Elvira uses blogging to promote each of her e-commerce stores and it has been proven to be quite effective as Elvira likes to write only posts that are handwritten by herself and she knows how to create controversial posts to fetch more visitors.

Elvira didn’t feel ashamed to write on her blog that the mansion she owns in the Scottsdale city was paid for by the millions of dollars that she won with Arizona lottery.

Once Elvira claimed on one of her blogs that a Swedish oven manufacturers are trying their best to keep their product in demand but the opposite has been happening as the Chinese and Japanese are taking over most of their industries. Elvira says that a bigger slap couldn’t be thrown on the face of the Swedish people when a Chinese named Li Shufu bought their pride – Volvo.

Elvira is notorious for writing posts against some religions and for other on her blog as well. Once Elvira wrote that the Ethiopian Orthodox religion is mostly responsible for the poverty in that country. Elvira also wrote that if the Ethiopians turn towards Roman Catholicism, they will be far better off than they are now – both spiritually and financially.

Once Elvira wrote that there is a group of sociopathic scientists that has been trying to create nuclear weapons secretly. Elvira warned that the governments of different countries must unite and do whatever it takes to locate this group before it is too late.

Elvira received record breaking comments on her blog when she once wrote on her blog that as a teen she used to spread rumors involuntarily because of her habit of gossiping. 99% of the comments beneath this very post read “You still have that habit”.

SEO Agency Owner from Indonesia cannot get enough of the River Euphrates and FUN88

Jalaluddin Masood is the owner of a SEO firm located in Palembang. Jalaluddin claims he has the secret information that Google Inc is planning to expand their Adwords operations. Jalaluddin believes that many of the SEO agencies and so-called individual SEO experts are going to go bankrupt because of this step of the Google Inc.

Being a devout Muslim, Jalaluddin claims that Sheikh Imran Hosein and Zakir Naik are the only true remaining Islamic scholars and preachers left, rest are all either incapable or the agents of the enemies of Islam.

Jalaluddin’s father was a motorcycle stuntman and Jalaluddin is proud of his father’s legacy. Jalaluddin’s father did stunts for Hollywood, Bollywood and other movie industries.

Jalaluddin believes that the ‘Attraction of Distraction’ is the greater eater of success in the modern world and the same is responsible for most of the failures.

Jalaluddin loves music as well and he claims that the singers of the 1980s had the most impressionable looks and they were far more talented than any of the musicians in the recorded history.

Jalaluddin has traveled to Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan multiple times and he cannot get enough of the Holy Land indeed. Jalaluddin says that there is something about the River Euphrates that he never experienced anywhere else.

Jalaluddin also traveled to Uganda in the past and he was surprised to notice there that luxury SUVs get more second looks in Uganda than the sports cars. Jalaluddin recently bought a Land Rover Discovery for himself with the money that he won with FUN88 Alternatif.

Tech freak and consultant uses banking mostly for betting on Togel Hongkong

Paul Ramos is a Technical Delivery Consultant at a Technology Recruitment Services Company. Paul was born in the family of bankers and his parents wanted him to be one as well but his passion was always technology.

Being from a family full of bankers, Paul says that he is eligible enough to claim that the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi was the inspiration for Mahindra Bank.

Paul says that he personally uses banking mostly for betting on Togel HK.

Paul claims that he is the biggest fan of Philips Tubbs of Miami Vice and it looks like he is true when he says that as he is always dressed like Philips Tubbs of Miami Vice.

Paul has done a course in time management and he claims that full-time professional writers are some of the best people at time management that he ever met.

Paul loves to listen to different motivational speakers but his most favorite motivational speaker is not a professional one but it is John Paul DeJoria of John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Paul believes that managing your subconscious mind is far more important than managing the conscious one. Paul claims that his productivity has increased multiple times since he started managing his subconscious mind more than the conscious one.

Paul claims that god himself talks to him everyday sharp at 12:30 AM.

Paul hates the celebrity culture and he claims that the biggest proof that actors are a fake people is that many of them change their names as soon as they enter the movie industry.

Paul says that he is amazed at the fact that his hair are even thicker than in his 30s in his 40s whereas all his friends are going bald on the other side.

Journalist, Political Analyst and Conspiracy Theorist bought a Nissan Pathfinder with Bingo Bucks

Louis Bennion is a journalist, political analyst and conspiracy theorist who claims that Australia will soon be overtaken by the Arab League in a very dramatic way conspired by the United States of America and its allies, which surprisingly includes England as well. Louis claims that Late Conspiracy Theorist – Eustace Mullins was absolutely right when he claimed that there are more conspiracies going on around the world than we will ever come to know. Louis claims that it may so also happen that whence the Arab League is done taking over the nation called Australia, the United States will come to its rescue in an even more dramatic way, a way so dramatic that is not even ever seen in a Hollywood or any other -wood movie ever.

Louis warns that the growing riots in the oriental part of the world including Northeast India are going to result in disastrous ends which the biggest of the experts are not even capable of predicting at the moment. Louis warns that it is better that the world, especially the Asian world wakes up before those mega-disastrous events take place.

Louis claims that the Anti-Pollution powers want to destroy the biggest irrigation scheme on the planet – Lloyd Barrage in Pakistan and they have already achieved 50% of their target and looking at the rapidness of their progress, it is most likely that they will be able to totally achieve what they are aiming for.

Louis recently bought his favorite car – a Nissan Pathfinder with the money he won with some of the best bingo sites and I have personally never seen him any happier.

Leading trolley manufacturer knows the name of each trusted online gambling website

Sheelagh Bevan owns a factory unit that manufactures garbage trolleys, textile trolleys and processing trolleys.

Sheelagh is related to the first woman commander of NASA – Eileen Collins and she is proud of it.

Sheelagh loves nature and she claims that to say that any wildlife sanctuary has more positive vibes than any major city is a bit of an understatement.

Sheelagh claims that Angola and Congo want to unite and become one country but the Illuminati will not let this happen and they have been threatening each and every person that wants to make it happen.

Sheelagh likes to joke that Pope the Francis appears to be very much influenced by The Father of Capitalism – Adam Smith. She even says that Pope the Francis is Adam Smith reincarnated. Sheelagh claims that she has met Pope the Francis in person and she hasn’t seen a man more materialistic than him.

Sheelagh claims that Yahweh has some secret messages hidden in the mountains of Andes and Himalayas for everyone. Sheelagh has been trying to comprehend those messages. Sheelagh loves Jesus, Yahweh and all the other prophets but she hates the concept of religion as she believes that it only leads to fascism. Sheelagh also believes that no matter what, sooner or later, the chiefs of the religions start exploiting the common people just like Pope the Francis has been doing.

Sheelagh loves to gamble online and offline, and you will be amazed to know that she knows the name of each and every trusted online gambling website including Savoybetting.

Sheelagh claims that Afghanistan and Myanmar will soon make an alliance to create a totally opium and hashish based economy to prove to the world that the land that they got from the god is far more superior to any oil-rich or arable land. Sheelagh doubts that their alliance will not last long enough and their countries will be soon taken over by their powerful and highly populated neighbors with big armies if they do so.

Factory owner wouldn’t buy a Toyota or a Lexus even with the money he won with gambling online

Jim Ainsworth struggled very hard with his gardening business but it had to be a flop because of the awkward name that it had – ‘Hooker’s Lips’. Since shutting his gardening business down in the late 2017, Jim has been running a factory in partnership with one of his best friends that manufactures spray dryers, spin flash dryers, fluid bed dryers, flash dryers, rotary dryers, continuous fluid bed dryers, paddle dryers and rotary vacuum dryers. The business has been doing great since the first month of its inception and Jim attributes the success of this new business to their hard-work and them seldom failing to exceed the client’s expectations.

Jim loves to read both the positive and negative feedback related to his business everywhere that he can find on the internet. Jim says that the positive feedback gives him the energy and reward to carry on doing the good work and the negative feedback lets them know what their shortcomings are and by fulfilling those shortcomings, they can become better.

Jim’s business partner friend loves to watch mechanic videos on the Youtube and no matter what, he always repair own cars himself. He also always tries his best to convince his friends and family members to let him repair their cars but they on the other side try their best as well to save themselves from letting Jim’s business partner friend to repair their cars. Jim himself has never let his business partner friend ever repair his car but he recently got addicted to watching Scotty Kilmer’s videos on the Youtube. Jim says that no matter what, he is never again buying a boring Toyota or Lexus, not even with the money that he wins with Asyabahis.

Kerrie is a Princess of the Car App World and she is addicted to Princessbet

Kerrie Larsen is a Master of Science from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. She recently developed an app that helps leasing cars. This is the first app that Kerrie developed all alone.

Kerrie developed many apps in the past together with her friends and they were all related to the cars as well. Kerrie is a car enthusiast and she many times annoys her friends due to her craze for cars.

Kerrie has a blog intact on her car leasing app’s official website. Kerrie suggests that you never buy a car or SUV with height-adjustable air suspension. Kerrie claims that a Fiat without a height-adjustable air suspension is far more reliable than a Toyota with height-adjustable air suspension.

Kerrie used to have a blog dedicated exclusively to the Volvo cars until the day they started producing majority of their cars in the Republic of China. Kerrie shut down her blog the very day they started making their cars in the Republic of China.

Kerrie says that in today’s tough economy, low cost of ownership is what a buyer is looking for. Kerrie says that it is better that the European car makers comprehend this as soon as possible or they will be history. Kerrie also says that the Japanese car-makers, especially Honda and Toyota shouldn’t get too confident with their over-exaggerated reliability and they should be wary of the rising Chinese car-makers like Geely as well.

Kerrie lived in Poland for 3 years and living there she noticed that Polish people love to gamble, it is in their blood. She says that they also do businesses that are the epitome of gambling like bitcoin trading, buying lottery tickets, stock holding, operating car dealerships, real estate development, etc. Kerrie herself got addicted to Princessbet while she was there in Poland and for good, she has won over 30, 000 US Dollars with betting on Princessbet and counting.

Kerrie has an advice for the entrepreneurs – “Dream big dreams, don’t daydream, spend very little time dreaming and more on achieving those.”